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Multimedia: Crowdfunding-Projekt „A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan“

Fotojournalist Seamus Murphy möchte seine faszinierenden Fotos und intensiven Erfahrungen aus 15 Jahren Afghanistan in einer Multimediareportage zugänglich machen. Dazu sucht er auf der Crowdfundigseite Kickstarter noch Unterstützer. Den starken Trailer gibt es jetzt schon.

„Afghanistan’s recent history is a roller-coaster of foreign involvement and abandonment, resulting in a global crisis the world continues to struggle with today. The country was granted hero-status by the West when it resisted the Soviet invasion. But the vicious civil war that followed the Soviet withdrawal, the rise of the Taliban and the al Qaeda attacks launched from its soil on 9/11 made it into a pariah state. Afghanistan has been invaded, used and mythologized, but rarely understood.

This project is the result of over 15 years traveling and photographing in Afghanistan, recording unexpected stories of struggle, survival and hope. My mission is to promote an understanding of this mysterious, complex and fascinating culture.

I have been working with MediaStorm, an award-winning multimedia production studio based in Brooklyn, NY to create a documentary film. With your help, we will be able launch and distribute it online in the next few months, where it can be seen by everyone.“


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